Pengertian dan Contoh Simple Sentence dalam Tes TOEFL

Pengertian Umum dari Simple Sentence

Simple sentence berisi satu kombinasi Subject (S) dan Verb (V). Berikut contoh sederhana dari simple sentence (kalimat sederhana).
  • Ali plays football everyday. (Subject ialah `Ali` dan verb `plays`.)
  • The student often sleeps early at night. (Subject `the student` dan verb `sleeps`)
  • Budi and Ali are friends. (Subject Budi and Ali dan verb are. Kalimat ini tetap dianggap simple sentence karena hanya satu kombinasi subject dan verb, walaupun subjectnya dua. Dianggap satu kombinasi karena dua subject yang berbeda tapi tetap menggunakan verb yang sama.)
  • Anto speak English fluently and can write in Arabic. (Subjectnya ialah `Anto` dan verb ialah `speaks` dan `can write`. Walaupun dua verb, kalimat ini tetap dianggap simple sentence karena dua verb yang berbeda tapi subject yang sama.)
  • Anto can speak English, but Budi doesn`t understand English. (Kalimat ini BUKAN simple sentence karena subject `Anto` dan subject `Budi` memiliki verb yang berbeda. Pola kalimat ini ialah SV SV. Kalimat ini memiliki dua clause, sementar simple sentence hanya satu clause, yaitu satu kombinasi subject dan verb.)

Berikut lebih jauh contoh kalimat simple sentence:
(1) People need vitamins.
(2) The man took a vitamin pill.
(3) There are 3 students in class.
(4) In the summer, Tom walks to his office.
(5) It doesn’t snow in Indonesia.

Latihan soal Simple Sentence untuk tes TOEFL

Dalam soal-soal tes TOEFL, kesalahan yang mesti dihindari ialah kekurangan Subject atau Verb dan kelebihan Subject atau Verb. Berikut contoh-contoh soal latihan.
Problems in TOEFL: either the subject or the verb is missing; either there is an extra subject & an extra verb.
  • ___________ was backed up for miles on the freeway.
    (A) Yesterday; (B) In the morning; (C) Traffic; Cars
  • Engineers ___________ for work on the new space program.
    (A) necessary; (B) are needed; (C) hopefully; (D) next month
  • The boy ______ going to the movies with a friend.
    (A) he is; (B) he always was; (C) is relaxing; (D) will be
  • _______ found the movie theater.
    (A) Has; (B) He; (C) Later; (D) When
  • Beluga whale mothers, for example, they nurse their calves for some twenty months.
  • The art of storytelling almost as old as humanity
  • An insect, after hatching, it feeds its young.
  • Last week built a new house together near the river.

Beirkut kunci jawaban dari soal diatas.
  • Traffic was backed up for miles on the freeway.
  • Engineers are needed for work on the new space program.
  • The boy is going to the movies with a friend.
  • He found the movie theater.
  • Beluga whale mothers, for example, nurse their calves for some twenty months.
  • The art of storytelling is almost as old as humanity.
  • An insect, after hatching, feeds its young.
  • Last week they built a new house together near the river.

Berikut daftar soal TOEFL khusus untuk materi Simple Sentences (S V).
  • The art of storytelling ___ almost as old as humanity.
    (A) that is (B) is (C) it is (D) being
  • Duke Ellington wrote ____ during his career.
    (A) that over a thousand songs (B) over a thousand songs
    (C) over a thousand songs were (D) there were over a thousand songs
  • Larch and spruce trees ____ in bogs and wet areas of the northern United States.
    (A) found (B) are found (C) have found  (D) finding
  • __________images out of clay, stone, and metal.
    (A) The shaping of sculpture (B) Sculpting the shapes
    (C) To shape sculpture  (D) Sculptors shape
  • __________dates from the end of the eighteenth century.
    (A) The modern circus (B) That the modern circus (C) While the modern circus (D) The modern circus that

Simple sentence juga dikenal dengan istilah `dependent clause`, yaitu clause yang bisa berdiri sendiri.