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Teks Narrative 'Juhha's Wonders + Jawaban

Soal UN SMP/MTS 2011/2012

The following text is for questions number 1 to 4.

Juhha's Wonders

Once upon a time, there was a small village in Baghdad. Its population was very small. In this village everybody knew each other and knew every little or big problems that went on in the village. In this small village there was a bakery that was popular for its delicious bread.

One day a poor old man was walking in the street passing the bakery and he stopped to smell the scent of the bread which was spreading out of the bakery.

Suddenly, the baker caught the old man and shouted at him demanding the price of bread's scent. He almost dragged him to the police.

A very famous wise man named Juhha heard the baker shouting. So he went to him and asked about the problem. Juhha stood calmly listening to the baker and he thought for a solution.

After a few minutes Juhha's eyes glistened and an amused smile was on his face. He asked the baker "How much money do you want?". The baker and poor man were astonished, but the baker answered "3 dinars". Juhha took the money out of his wallet and put it in his pocket and shook the money. "Did you hear the sound of the money?" Juhha asked. "Yes, I did", the baker replied, and with big smile Juhha said "Well then, this is the price of your bread's scent!"

1.  Who stopped to smell the scent of the bread?
A. The baker.
B. The police.
C. The old poor man.
D. Juhha, the wise man.

2.  What did the baker do to the old man?
A. He wanted to hear the sound of the old man money.
B. He demanded the old man to pay for the scent.
C. He shouted his problem to the old man.
D. He gave the old man some solution.

3.  " ....., which was popular for its delicious bread" (paragraph 1)
What does the word "delicious" mean?
A. Sour
B. Tasty
C. Bitter
D. Unpleasant

4.  What can we learn from the story above?
A. We must help poor people.
B. We must take the benefit of what we offer.
C. We should pay nothing for things we use.
D. We shouldn't ask other to pay for what they don't get.

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