Kinds of Nouns with Examples

Nouns are of five kinds :

1.Proper Noun :

The name of a particular person, a particular place, or a particular thing is called a proper noun. Examples of Proper Noun:

Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), Albert Einstein, America, Europe, Queen Noor Jehan, Sarah, San Francisco, Oxford University, etc are examples of proper nouns.

Hassan is writing a Letter.
My grandfather has been transferred to Karachi.

2.Common Noun :

The names that can be applied to all persons, all places, or all common things are called proper nouns. Examples of Common Noun:

the village, boy, car, country, poet, leader, city, river, garden, planet, book, star, tree, water, sugar, etc are the examples of common nouns.

My grandfather has been transferred to Karachi.

3.Collective Noun:

Name of a number of persons, things, animals or places taken together are called collective nouns. It is also used as a common noun. Examples of Collective Noun:

army, team, nation, class, bundle, fleet, committee, United States, etc are the examples of collective noun.

This door is made of steel.

4.Material Noun:

Name of material of which things are made are called material noun. Examples of Material Noun:
cement, iron, wood, flour, milk, plastic, water, meat, gold, steel cotton etc are the examples of material noun.


This door is made of Steel.

5.Abstract Noun:

Name of quality, condition or activity/action which cannot be seen or felt are called abstract nouns. Examples of Abstract Noun:
wisdom, weakness, slowness, wisdom, strength, love, friendship, justice, pleasure, courage, hate, fear, honesty etc are the examples of abstract noun.


I love my grandfather.
Honesty is the best policy. (Quote)

Thats all of Kinds of Nouns with Examples, Thank You.

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