Preposition Definition and Examples in Sentences

Preposition Definition and Examples in Sentences

According to English grammar, we can define Preposition as “Such word which is used before noun or pronoun to show its connection or relation to some other word in the sentence is called Preposition” In simple words, we can say that It is a word which shows the relation between two things.

Examples of Prepositions

Some Important and common examples of prepositions are given below:
In, at, on, for, about, of, with, to, over, upon, from, by, etc are preposition examples.

Preposition Examples in Sentences

Now check out the usage of some important preposition examples in sentences, which are briefly given below:

Use of In:

  1. Danyal is very weak in English.
  2. Ali was born in a rich family.
  3. All the students are in the classroom.
  4. We live in Rawalpindi, which is in Pakistan.

Use of Of:

  1. Moazzam is a man of latters.
  2. This door is made of steel.
  3. Usama sent me a pair of shoes.
  4. I am proud of my father.
  5. Danyal is a very good player of cricket.

Use of At:

  1. She is at College.
  2. The police opened fire at protesters.
  3. Don’t laugh at me.
  4. Suleman was there at 9 Oclock.

Use of For:

  1. This beautiful rose is for you.
  2. I am waiting for you since morning.
  3. Shabana has no respect for his husband.
  4. This trouser is not fit for you.
  5. Mcdonald's is famous for burgers and fast foods.

Use of To:

  1. Suleman is very dear to me.
  2. Ali, please listen to me.
  3. We will go to dinner.
  4. Danyal is going to play cricket.
  5. He said to me that I am with you.

Use of with:

  1. Danyal lives with his uncle.
  2. He said to me that I am with you.
  3. Suleman is angry with me.
  4. I agree with Qureshi in this matter.

Use of from:

  1. Mahnoor is absent from school today.
  2. Rania is suffering from a fever since morning.
  3. My name is Danyal and I am from Pakistan.
  4. The distance from Karachi to Rawalpindi is almost 1400 km.

Use of Over:

  1. Imran has no control over his daughter.
  2. Beautiful parrots are flying over the bridge.
  3. Moazzam presided over the meeting.

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