Soal bahasa inggris Kelas 8 dan 9

Soal bahasa inggris Kelas 8 dan 9

Berikut adalah 25 Contoh Soal bahasa inggris Kelas 8 dan 9

The following text is for questions 1 to 3.
To: All students of SMP Persatuan Jakarta.
To motivate students to learn English, the student board will hold some interesting programs storytelling, speech, and singing contests. These contests will be held on January 3rd, 2015, and at classrooms 9A, 9B, and 9C respectively. The topics of the speeches and stories as well as the titles of the songs are available two weeks before the contests. Each class is required to send one female student and one male student as the representatives to join each contest.

Further information and registration? Contact Randy (secretary of the board) at 08179436652.
1. The text is written to ...
A. inform the readers about the location of the three contests.
B. explain to the readers how to join the contests.
C. ask the readers to join the storytelling contest.
D. tell the readers about the contests for students.

2. What programs will be held by the student board?
A. students’ motivation program and singing contest.
B. learning English together and speech contest.
C. the best class and the storytelling contest.
D. storytelling, speech, and singing contests.

3. From the text we know that ....will join the contest.
A. only good students of the school
B. all students of SMP Persatuan
C. several students of each class
D. the students’ of other schools

The following text is for questions 4 to 6.
Dear Sir/Madam/Teacher in Charge, The Committee of SMP Rimba Jaya would like to invite your students to our national seminar on students learning motivation. This two-day seminar will take place at the NEW hall in our school on 10 - 11 October  2015.

Besides inviting some experts as the keynote speakers in the plenary sessions, we also invite students to be the presenters in the parallel sessions. Papers should be submitted two weeks before the seminar. This will increase their experience to speak in front of the public. 

Please direct your students to register early. Fee: IDR 50,000 per person Deadline : 5 October 2015

The presence of your students will add a unique element to the seminar and we sincerely hope your students will be among those joining us for the seminar. This seminar will really encourage the students to learn. And we hope they will get success in the future.

Hery Sunarko,
Committee Chair

4. The text is written to ...
A. invite people to prepare a national seminar.
B. ask someone to advertise a seminar.
C. give information about a seminar.
D. invite people to join a seminar.

5. What is the benefit of presenting in the seminar for the students?
A. Knowing more about some interesting topics in the seminar.
B. Increasing their speaking experience in front of people.
C. Being accustomed to joining a national seminar.
D. Being motivated to study at school and at home.

6. "This seminar will really encourage the students to learn."
What does the underlined word mean?
A. satisfy
B. entertain
C. influence
D. motivate

The text is for questions number 7 to 9.

7. What is advertised in the text?
A. A fine Persian cuisine.
B. A catering company.
C. A certain restaurant.
D. A kind of food.

8. What the main cuisine is available in the restaurant?
A. Bangladesh cuisine.
B. Pakistan cuisine.
C. Persian cuisine.
D. Indian cuisine.

9. People can order food ...
A. every day at a certain time
B. every day at anytime
C. on weekends only
D. on weekdays only

The following text is for questions 10 to 13.

Dear Hendra,
Hi.... I hope this letter finds you well. Do you remember today is friendship day. In this occasion I want to express my deep feeling of gratitude to you for being my best friend. You know for me you’re the one and the only best friend ever. You are humorous in nature. And I love it. You make me laugh all time with your clever jokes. I want to be a humorist like you, but unfortunately, I can’t. The moment we have shared so far is unforgettable. Remember when I wanted to borrow a book from the library for my project and my library ID-card was left; you lent me your ID-card even though you needed it to borrow some books for your own project. It was really touching.  

That showed how kind you are. Moreover, many times, you brought me some novels although I knew you didn’t like reading such kinds of books. Furthermore, you always helped me with my tasks whenever I found difficulties in my maths problems. You are very brilliant in maths. I really thank you
very much for all those things you have done for me.

Finally, I want to say that I intend to express this feeling for a long time but I can’t. On this friendship day, through this letter, let me show my appreciation for becoming my good friend. May you always be my good friend forever. Your best friend, Santi

10.  The text is written to...
A. tell Hendra that he is still her best friend.
B. tell Hendra her past experience in borrowing a book.
C. ask Hendra to teach her how to be a humorist person.
D. express the writer’s gratitude to Hendra for the friendship.

11.  What did Hendra do when the writer got trouble in borrowing a book?
A. Lending his books to her.
B. Lending his ID-card to her.
C. Helping her make a new ID-card.
D. Accompanying her to go to the library.

12.  Which of the following touches Santi’s feeling?
A. He was very humorous so that many people liked him.
B. He lent her some good novels which he didn’t read anymore.
C. He was very brilliant in math so that Santy was proud of him.
D. He was willing to lend his ID-card though he needed it for himself.

13.  From the text we can conclude that Santi...
A. sometimes cannot express her feeling easily
B. has many best friends including Hendra
C. is very brilliant in mathematics
D. is as humorous as Hendra

The following text is for questions number 14 to 16.
As we have planned before, today we are going to do an experiment on frogs in the school lab.

However, I’m in the middle of teachers meeting in Surabaya now. I’m going back to Bandung tomorrow. So, for your today’s learning activity, please make groups of four and discuss the material in Chapter IV instead. We will do the experiment next week. Sorry for not being with you. 


14.  What is Hendra’s intention to write the message?
A. To ask students to do an experiment on frogs in the school laboratory.
B. To inform what the students should do instead of doing the experiment.
C. To explain why he cannot come to the class today.
D. To tell students what he is doing in Surabaya.

15.  When will the students finally do the experiment?
A. Today.
B. At present.
C. Tomorrow.
D. Next week.

16.  Why did Hendra change the scheduled activity?
A. The students have finished doing an experiment on frogs.
B. The materials in Chapter IV haven’t been discussed.
C. The experiment has been discussed by the students.
D. Hendra is having a teacher meeting in Surabaya.

The following text for questions 17 to 19.
One of the most important people in my life is my daddy. His name is Maman Perwira. He is about 50 years old now but he looks younger than he is. His body is like an athlete. He is tall, strong, and has proportional weight. His hair is short and straight. His eyes are small and brown. His skin is soft and white. He has a nice smile.

My daddy is a talented person. He is good at singing jazz songs. He can play piano as well as play guitar. He can perform some traditional dances. Besides, he can write beautiful poems. My daddy is very humorous. He often makes jokes that make people laugh happily. He has a lot of funny stories. When attending a meeting, daddy always makes it lively with his interesting and up-to-date jokes.
In spite of those things, my daddy is a good father. He takes care of his family well. He often goes to bed late because of finishing his work. On the other hand, he always gets up earlier than the other family members to prepare everything needed by his children.

17.  What is the text about?
A. The biography of the writer’s daddy.
B. The description of the writer’s daddy.
C. The description of the writer’s family.
D. The writer’s experience with his father.

18.  What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. The writer’s father looks younger than he is.
B. The writer’s father is a good father for his family.
C. Mr. Maman Perwira is a person with many talents.
D. Mr. Maman Perwira is very humorous but talented.

19.  Why did the writer say that his father is a good figure in his family?
A. He is very humorous.
B. He has a lot of funny stories.
C. He is good at singing jazz songs.
D. He takes care of his family well.

The following text is for questions 20 to 22.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown Bird lived in a jungle in Papua. Mr. Brown always complained about his feathers. He thought they were ugly. He was jealous of his friend, Mr. Green Bird. "I want to have beautiful feathers like Mr. Green Bird. His feathers are not brown like mine. They are very beautiful," said Mr. Brown Bird to his wife.

"Honey, you have to be grateful with your feathers. With feathers like these, humans are not interested in us. So, they will not hunt for us," said Mrs. Brown Bird. Mr. Brown Bird then went to the God of Jungle. "I want to have beautiful feathers like Mr. Green Bird's feathers," said Mr. Brown Bird. "Don't worry. I can make your wish come true. Just choose one color." "Hmm, I don't know. How about red? Yellow? Green? I'm confused." The God of Jungle was upset. "Choose now!" Mr. Brown Bird then looks up to the sky. He had an idea. "Aha! I know which color to choose. I don't want one color of my feathers. I want many colors. I want my feathers to be colorful like the rainbow in the sky." Not long after that, Mr. Brown Bird's feathers were colorful. When he went home, his wife did not recognize him. "Honey, it's me. I'm your husband." "No, my husband is not like you! His feathers are brown!" said Mrs. brown Bird. Mr. Brown Bird tried very hard to convince his wife that he was really her husband. "You are very stupid, my husband. With colors like these, humans will hunt for you.  What if they also take our children? Now, please go away! Our lives are in danger if you are still here," said Mrs. Brown Bird. She was crying. Mr. Brown Bird was very sad. He thought he just made a very big mistake. He then left his house. His name then changed into Cendrawasih. It meant a bird of paradise.

20.  Who had beautiful feathers firstly?
A. Mrs. Brown Bird.
B. Mr. Brown Bird.
C. Mrs. Green Bird.
D. Mr. Green Bird.

21.  Mrs. Brown Bird did not recognize Mr. Brown Bird because he ...
A. had changed the color of his feathers.
B. did not like colorful feathers
C. did not like brown feathers.
D. had brown feathers.

22.  What can you learn from reading the story above?
A. Trusting others strengthens a friendship.
B. Helping each other is a very good thing.
C. Be yourself is the best decision.
D. Boasting is a bad habit.

The following text is for questions 23 to 26.
The first time I took a ferry was when I took a ferry to cross from Butterworth to Penang Island. My family and I went to Penang for a holiday. 

We arrived at the Ferry Terminal just as the sun was setting. My father paid the fare at one of the toll-booths and we were brought into a lane. We had to stop behind a row of cars to wait for the arrival of the next ferry. 

Presently a light yellow ferry arrived. Cars and motorcycles sped out of it. Then, the green light came for us to board. My father carefully drove the car onto the lower deck of the ferry. It was an exciting new experience for me. I noticed the words "Pulau Undan" on the wall of the ferry. 

As soon as the ferry was filled with cars and motorcycles on the lower deck, it left the terminal and proceeded towards the island. I stood at the front end of the ferry and watched the water whirl and twirl as the ferry cut through it. My sister and I climbed up the stairs to the upper deck. It was filled with passengers who either sat on the seats there or loitered around the area. Soon the short ride ended. We hurried back down to the lower deck and got into our car when we saw Penang Island loom closer and closer. 

Finally, the ferry docked and my father followed the row of cars out of the ferry. The car bumped a bit on the uneven ramp but soon we were on Penang itself. My first experience of taking a  ferry was over.  (Taken  from

23." Then, the green light came for us to board" (Paragraph 2). The underlined word is similar in meaning to ….
A. switch on
B. turn on
C. get on
D. sit up

24."…and watched the water whirl and twirl as the ferry cut through it"
(Paragraph 4). The underlined word refers to ….
A. the lower deck
B. the terminal
C. the water
D. the ferry

25.How was the upper deck of the ferry when the writer came there?
A. Filled with passengers.
B. Full of passengers’ luggage.
C. Full of cars and motorcycles.
D. Filled with the crews of the ferry.

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