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Android TTPOD Skin Maker

TTPOD 天天动听 [Tiāntiān dòngtīng] or everyday song, is an Music Player application that can play various types of audio files formats. TTPod become Popular because one of its functions which can play music and displaying lyric of the song being played at the same time. In addition, there is a function to adjust the sound output from the equalizer that we can customize yourself. Not only that, the function of surround sound, bass booster abd sleep time also got Plus point for TTPOD.

TTPod also has a function to change the skin or theme appearance. TTPod for android using the file format. ".tsk" are stored in the folder "/SDCard/TTPod/Skin".

One day you feel tired skin from ttpod. at the moment you would have thought to change the display in order to be in accordance with our wishes. Can we change it?

Obviously we can change it. you need only download a small application from this site. And here are the steps:

  1. Download Application located at the Source section.
  2. Extract with Winrar or Winzip, 7z or etc.
  3. Put the file that has been extracted into the skin of ttpod folder or contain .tsk file.
  4. Drag the file format .tsk to "TSK Extractor" and you will get 1 new folder containing the source for the skin.
  5. Once you have successfully made ​​the changes, open the program "TSK Maker"
  6. Drag the folder that you had been edited into the box in the "TSK Maker"
  7. Click Pack to create the new .tsk file which ready to use.

The program requires .net framework 2.0 installed on your PC.
If you want to make change of .xml file, just edit skin.xml or delete it and make change only skin???x???.xml that matches  with your phone's screen to conserve your energy.

TTPOD Download Page: From TTPOD.com or Google Play
Official TTPOD Android Skin Gallery

Sumber https://www.blakbin.com/

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