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Teks Letter/Surat SMP 1

Dear Linda,

Hi! I am waiting for the holidays. It will be here in three weeks. My family are planning to go to the Bunaken Island. It is well known for its beautiful sea garden. We are going to see the scenery of the garden. Also, I am going to watch the colorful fish and various types of coral reefs from its surface. We are going to use a special boat for that. If possible I am going to do some diving. Wow! It is going to be an interesting experience.

So how are you? What are you plan for your holidays? Tell me the activities you are going to do. Please write soon.

Your friend,


  1. What is the writer's plan for holiday? 
    A. To use a special boat.
    B. To write a letter soon.
    C. To see the sea garden in Bunaken.
    D. To get an interesting experience.
  1. We know from the text that....
    A. Dani cannot swim well
    B. the holiday will be boring
    C. Bunaken is a recreation place
    D. Dani and his family were well known

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