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Recount Text + Jawaban Experience at the Asian Games

Soal UN SMA/MA 2010

The text is for number 1 to 3.

My wonderful experience at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha

In December 2006, I went to Doha to participate in the 2006 Asian Games taking part in the Bach Volley Ball Championship. We prepared for a long time, training hard and fighting for approval of our participation. Nothing was easy. My partner, clear, my coach, King, and I were aiming to get into the top 8 at the Asian Games.

Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle one week before departure, which frustrated me beyond belief. I had physiotherapy every day following the injury, and tried to recover as quickly as possible. Of course, the ankle could not heal completely in a few days, so I had no choice but to just try my best and have my ankle taped when I played in matches.

We played against a team from Thailand, Mongolia, and Malaysia. The most difficult and important match was that against the Malaysian Team. We played well for the match and tried our very best. But finally we lost to them and ranked 9. It was so close. We nearly reached our goal - to be among the first 8 teams.

1.   The writer's team was bitten by the team from …
A. Qatar
B. Thailand
C. Mongolia
D. Malaysia
E. Indonesia

2.   What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. The ankle could not heal.
B. The writer sprained her ankle.
C. The writer tried hard to recover.
D. The ankle made the writer frustrated.
E. It needs a long time to heal her ankle.

3.   According to the writer. ... team was difficult to beat.
A. Thai
B. Qatari
C. Indonesian
D. Malaysian
E. Mongolian

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