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Recount Text + Kunci Jawaban

Soal UN SMP/MTS 2011/2012

The following text is for questions number 28 to 30.

Last summer, when mum and dad weren’t feeling well, Tom was taking his dog, Paddy, for a walk. Suddenly there was a rabbit running across the path they were taking. Paddy barked very loud and the scared rabbit ran into the bushes. Although Tom was trying hard to grip the collar, Paddy was running after the rabbit. That was the last time he saw Paddy.

He tried to look for him for days. Finally, five weeks later, when Tom was out for a coffee at Motorway Café, his parents called. They were having lunch when they heard a dog barked outside the house. They hurriedly went out and there was Paddy wiggling his tail.

28. “That was the last time he saw Paddy”
The word he refer to….
A. Father
B. Tom
C. Rabbit
D. Paddy
29. How did Paddy get lost?
A. He was hungry and searched for a food
B. He followed motorbike riders away
C. He saw a rabbit and ran after walk
D. He felt bored and took a walk 
30. The text generally talks about….
A. The coming back of the lost dog
B. A long journey of the dog
C. A holiday experience in Scotland
D. The disappearance of the dog 

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