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Teks dalam bentuk email SMP + Jawaban 1

Soal Un 2011/2012 SMP/MTS

The following text is for questions number 13 and 15.

From     : rehan_ca@yahoo.co.id
To          : ivan ganteng@gmail.com
Dear Ivan,

How's life? I know you must be very busy these days since it's the beginning of the term.

I hope you are not too tired and still have time for yourself. I found that the school here is exciting too. I have made a lot of friends, I'll tell you about them later on my next e-mail.

I have a new hobby now. Planting! You won't believe it, I grow so many kinds of fruit -here such as guava, mango, orange, and dragon fruit. I usually buy the seed   at a nearby shop. I'm crazy about planting now. I guess because it's so easy to get the seeds or young plants, and the soil here seems so nice to plants. Everything grows easily here. I own a small farm behind my house. I love my farm. It's about two hundreds square meter. My little brother helps me at the farm. We make a great team.

Well, I promise to send you some fruits when they are ripe someday and let me now how they taste.



  1. Rehan will give some of his crops to Ivan when ....
A. his brother helps him
B. the fruit are ripe
C. Ivan visits him
D. the plants grow well

  1. What is the main idea of paragraph one?
A. Ivan is very busy since it is the beginning of the term.
B. Rehan found that his new school is exciting.
C. Ivan is very tired these days.
D. Rehan is asking about Ivan's life.

  1. Rehan mainly tells Ivan about ... in his e-mail.
A. how to grow plants
B. his new hobby
C. his new school
D. his team work

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